[Fix] Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac Copy Cut Paste

Tuesday, May 7th, 2013

Yeah, I know Microsoft in my blog…

I am using mainly Open Source tools where I can but Microsoft Office is an application where there is no alternative that  doesn’t come with the danger of destroying a document created by Microsoft Office.

Having to translate a great amount of text from English to Greek I had to deal extensively with that tool! So I noticed that Copy, Cut and Paste keyboard shortcuts doesn’t work out of the application on Mac OS X Mountain Lion, for example to copy text from the document to google translate.

I googled around and I found this:

Go to Settings, then Keyboard and select the tab “Keyboard Shortcuts”.

Next, you go to Application Shortcuts and you press the “+” button, You select the Microsoft Office Word (or whatever Microsoft Office application you want), type the command (“Copy” or “Cut” or “Paste”) and the corresponding keyboard shortcut.

You should end up with something like this:

Screen Shot 2013-05-07 at 11.04.58 PM


This should work!

If you have a better solution please feel free to post it in the comments! 🙂


8 comments on “[Fix] Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac Copy Cut Paste

  1. Thank you, that worked for me. Cut/copy/paste somehow stopped working during Mavericks upgrade.

  2. Michail says:

    Thx! Helped!

  3. Nick says:


  4. Justin says:

    I also translate extensively on my Mac, using Hindi, Urdu, and Sanskrit fonts in my browser and other applications, but only English in Word Mac, 2011. In Word, I only ever type or compose files in English, but for some reason any time I open a Word file (new or saved) the keyboard input setting on my computer always changes, and never stays on the setting for English. While changing the input language is easy with a keyboard shortcut, the change in input language seems to affect cut, copy, and paste in Word, despite your helpful blog post. The only way to avoid these issues is to delete all of my input languages on the mac (apart from English), but that is pretty inefficient because I toggle between languages very often. Any suggestions?

  5. Ginny says:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH! I do a monthly newsletter, and many events are at the same location, so it saves a lot of time
    to be able to copy & paste.

  6. Donna Hobson says:

    Thank you

  7. JIN says:

    THANK YOU SOOO MUCH! This helped me a lot, just solved the problem easily. I was wondering why it happened to me for a while and was unable to fix it. But now, the problem is gone. THANK YOU AGAIN!!!

  8. Bella says:

    Thank you so much!!! This is fantastic!! I’ve been using MS office for one year without knowing this!! You are my savior.

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